What Is The Best Super Glue For Porcelain?

Porcelain, oh porcelain, you delicate beauty. But alas, accidents happen and our beloved porcelain pieces shatter into a million heartbreaking fragments. Fear not, my dear readers, for today we embark on a journey through the realm of porcelain repair. We are on a mission to uncover the crème de la crème of super glues that will breathe new life into your broken treasures.

Picture this: a magnificent porcelain vase, passed down from generation to generation, now reduced to mere shards. You yearn to resurrect its former glory, but not all super glues are created equal when it comes to bonding with porcelain. It is crucial to find an adhesive that guarantees a flawless and long-lasting hold – one that will allow your cherished possessions to reclaim their rightful place as the crown jewels of your home.

Join us as we set out to find the ultimate super glue for porcelain. We will explore various factors such as strength, transparency, and ease of use in order to guide you towards making the perfect choice. Bid farewell to those unsightly glue residues and feeble bonds.

In this enlightening post, we will showcase an array of top contenders – from renowned brands to hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Prepare yourself as we reveal the unsung hero that will rescue your cracked teacups, delicate figurines, and other precious porcelain items.

Whether you’re an avid collector with an eye for perfection or a sentimental soul longing to restore broken keepsakes to their former glory – fear not. This exploration into the best super glue for porcelain is tailor-made just for you.

So grab your trusty magnifying glass and join us on this captivating journey through the world of porcelain repair. Together, we shall unveil the adhesive solution that will breathe new life into your precious porcelain treasures.

Importance of Choosing the Right Super Glue for Porcelain


Porcelain, a delicate and exquisite material, demands the utmost care when it comes to bonding. The key to achieving a secure and durable bond lies in selecting the right super glue. In this captivating exploration, we will delve into why the choice of super glue for porcelain is absolutely essential. From ensuring strength and longevity to preserving aesthetics and withstanding challenging conditions, we will uncover the secrets to successful porcelain bonding.

Importance of Choosing the Right Super Glue for Porcelain:

Strength and Durability:

Porcelain’s fragility demands a super glue capable of providing a strong and enduring bond. Opting for the wrong adhesive can result in weakened bonds, leading to easily broken or cracked porcelain. This becomes particularly problematic for repairing valuable porcelain heirlooms or antiques.


The right super glue for porcelain offers a seamless and invisible bond, maintaining the piece’s visual appeal. A visible glue line can detract from its beauty and diminish its value.

Resistance to Moisture and Heat:

Porcelain often finds itself in kitchen and bathroom fixtures, exposed to water and high temperatures. It is crucial to select a super glue that can withstand these conditions without weakening or deteriorating over time.


Choosing the appropriate super glue ensures a durable bond that can withstand the test of time. This prevents frequent repairs or replacements, enhancing the longevity of your cherished porcelain pieces.

Compatibility with Different Porcelain Types:

Not all porcelain is created equal; different types may possess varying finishes such as glossy, matte, or textured surfaces. It is vital to use an adhesive compatible with the specific type of porcelain to achieve an optimal bond.

Time-Saving Efficiency:

Opting for the right super glue allows for efficient bonding, saving you both time and frustration. With a high-quality adhesive, you can achieve a strong bond in a swift and seamless manner, enabling you to proceed with your projects or repairs without delays or setbacks.

Considerations When Choosing Super Glue for Porcelain

Title: The Art of Choosing the Perfect Super Glue for Porcelain


Choosing the perfect super glue for porcelain is an art in itself. You want a glue that provides strength, durability, and a flawless finish. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know which one to choose. But fear not. As an expert in the field, I have compiled a comprehensive list of considerations to keep in mind when selecting a super glue for porcelain. So grab your favorite porcelain mug (careful not to spill.), sit back, and let’s dive into the world of adhesive artistry.

Bonding Strength:

Porcelain may be delicate, but it deserves a super glue that packs a punch. Look for a glue specifically formulated for bonding porcelain. These glues offer superior strength, ensuring a bond that will endure the test of time.

Drying Time:

Avoid the frustration of struggling to position and adjust your porcelain pieces before the glue sets. Consider the drying time of the super glue you choose. Some dry quickly, while others provide more flexibility. Pick one that suits your needs and allows you ample time to perfect your masterpiece.

Clear and Invisible Bond:

Porcelain is renowned for its elegance and beauty, so it’s essential to choose a super glue that leaves no trace behind. Opt for a glue that dries transparently, guaranteeing an invisible bond that seamlessly blends into the porcelain surface.

Temperature Resistance:

From steaming hot beverages to ice-cold desserts, porcelain items experience extreme temperature changes. Prevent any unwelcome surprises by selecting a super glue with temperature resistance. This ensures your bond remains unyielding, even under fluctuating temperatures.

Waterproof and Chemical Resistance:

Accidents happen, especially when it comes to spills and exposure to household chemicals. Safeguard your bond by choosing a super glue with waterproof and chemical-resistant properties. This way, your porcelain creations can withstand liquid encounters and the rigors of everyday use.

Ease of Use:

What Is The Best Super Glue For Porcelain-2

Crafting should be a breeze, and selecting a super glue for porcelain is no exception. Look for glues with applicators that allow for precise and controlled adhesive dispensing. And let’s not forget about cleanup. Opt for a glue that offers easy cleanup in case of accidental spills or excess adhesive.

Types of Super Glue Available in the Market

When it comes to fixing broken porcelain items, super glue is the ultimate secret weapon. With its incredible strength and durability, super glue, also known as cyanoacrylate adhesive, has the power to seamlessly bond porcelain and other materials together. It’s like having a superhero in your toolkit, ready to save the day and restore your cherished ceramics to their former glory.

Importance of choosing the right super glue for porcelain:

Before you rush into purchasing just any super glue, it’s crucial to select the right one for your porcelain project. Picking the wrong glue can result in weak bonds, potential damage to your delicate porcelain, or even complete project failure. To avoid such mishaps, let’s explore the diverse array of super glues available in the market.

Considerations when choosing super glue for porcelain:

Type of super glue:

In the world of super glues, there is a multitude of options including cyanoacrylate glues, epoxy-based glues, and silicone-based glues. Each type possesses unique characteristics that make them suitable for bonding porcelain in different ways. Among these options, cyanoacrylate glues stand out with their rapid and robust bonding properties, making them a popular choice for porcelain projects.

Bonding strength:

When working with delicate porcelain, a strong and secure bond is paramount. This is where cyanoacrylate glues truly shine. They create a bond so formidable that even Superman would be envious. Therefore, it’s crucial to select a glue that offers impressive bonding power to ensure your precious porcelain remains intact.

Drying time:

Time is of the essence, especially when you’re eager to see your repaired porcelain item back in action. Luckily, cyanoacrylate glues dry within seconds to minutes, allowing you to proudly display your restored porcelain piece in no time. Quick and easy, just the way we like it.

Transparency vs. colored glues:

Nobody wants an unsightly blob of glue marring the beauty of their porcelain masterpiece. That’s why transparent super glues are a popular choice for bonding porcelain. These glues leave no visible residue or discoloration on the surface, ensuring your repaired item retains its flawless appearance.

Temperature resistance:

Picture yourself savoring a steaming cup of hot cocoa from your favorite porcelain mug, only to have it crumble apart due to inadequate glue resistance. What a disaster that would be. Therefore, when selecting a super glue for your porcelain project, it’s crucial to ensure it can withstand high temperatures if your bonded item will be exposed to heat.

Bonding Strength and Drying Time of Different Types of Super Glues

Have you ever marveled at the strength of super glue? It’s like a superhero’s power, capable of creating unbreakable bonds. When it comes to bonding delicate porcelain, choosing the right super glue is essential. Let’s explore the differences between cyanoacrylate-based, epoxy-based, and gel-based super glues in terms of bonding strength and drying time, and uncover the secret to achieving the strongest bonds on porcelain.

The Power of Bonding Strength:

Porcelain, with its delicate nature, demands a super glue that can withstand the test of time. Cyanoacrylate-based super glues, known as instant adhesives or “super glues,” are revered for their exceptional bonding strength. These glues create a chemical reaction with the moisture in the air, resulting in a bond so strong it feels almost unbreakable. With cyanoacrylate-based super glues, your porcelain creations will withstand even the toughest challenges.

The Need for Speed: Drying Time Matters:

Time is of the essence, especially when you’re working on a project with tight deadlines or impatiently waiting to see the finished result. Cyanoacrylate-based super glues are your ultimate time-saving heroes. They dry in the blink of an eye, within seconds to minutes, so you can proceed with your project without delay. However, if you’re a craftsman who appreciates patience or requires more time for adjustments, epoxy-based glues might be your perfect match. While they have a longer drying time compared to cyanoacrylate-based glues, epoxy glues offer unmatched bonding strength for porcelain.

Transparent Brilliance: Aesthetic Appeal:

When it comes to bonding porcelain, aesthetics matter just as much as strength. Nobody wants visible residue or unsightly discoloration ruining their beautiful creations. That’s where transparent super glues come to the rescue. These glues leave no visible trace behind, ensuring that your porcelain projects maintain their seamless and professional appearance. Say goodbye to unsightly glue marks and hello to flawless beauty.

Conquering Extreme Conditions: Temperature Resistance:

Imagine bonding porcelain objects that will be exposed to high temperatures, such as hot liquids or ovens. To ensure your bond remains unyielding, you need a super glue that can withstand the heat. Look for a super glue specifically designed to resist high temperatures. With this type of glue, you can enjoy your hot beverages or cook with confidence, knowing that your bond will remain strong and unbroken.

Transparent vs Colored Glues for Porcelain Projects

To the ultimate showdown between transparent and colored glues for your precious porcelain projects. Join me as we explore the pros and cons of these adhesive powerhouses and unlock the secrets to creating flawlessly bonded masterpieces.

Transparency: Blending in or Standing Out?

In the world of porcelain artistry, transparency is key. Transparent glues are the go-to choice for many artists because they seamlessly blend with the material, leaving no visible traces of adhesive. Delicate or intricate pieces can retain their beauty without any distracting glue lines. Imagine a pristine porcelain teacup with no signs of its adhesive bond – sheer perfection.

The Art of Concealment: Colored Glues Take Center Stage

There are moments when colored glues steal the spotlight. If you’re working with patterned or designed porcelain, a colored glue that matches or complements the colors can disguise any visible glue lines, adding a touch of magic to your creation. The result? A cohesive and visually stunning finished product that captures attention.

Versatility vs Specialization: Choosing Based on Project Needs

When it comes to choosing between transparent and colored glues, project requirements take center stage. Transparent glues are incredibly versatile and suitable for a wide range of projects – they’re like Swiss army knives in adhesive form. On the other hand, colored glues may have more limited applications but can work wonders for enhancing the design and taking it to new heights.

Time is Precious: Drying Time Matters

Ah, the ticking clock of creativity. Transparent glues come to the rescue with their quick-drying nature, allowing you to progress through time-sensitive projects without delay. No more waiting for eternity. However, colored glues may require more patience as they take longer to dry and might even undergo a slight shade change. If speed is of the essence, transparent glue becomes your trusty ally.

Strength and Durability: The Transparent Advantage

Here’s a crucial point to consider – some colored glues may not match the strength and durability of their transparent counterparts. Why, you ask? Well, the pigments used to color the glue can sometimes weaken its adhesive properties. If you prioritize longevity and sturdiness in your porcelain project, opting for a transparent glue is a wise choice.

Temperature Resistance of Different Types of Super Glues

Choosing the perfect super glue for bonding porcelain requires careful consideration of its temperature resistance. Porcelain, known for its delicate nature, demands a glue that can withstand extreme temperatures without compromising its adhesive strength. Let’s explore the temperature resistance of different super glues to find the ideal option for your porcelain projects.

Cyanoacrylate Glues: The Instant Bonding Powerhouse

Cyanoacrylate-based super glues, also called instant glues or CA glues, are popular choices for bonding porcelain due to their strong adhesive properties. However, not all cyanoacrylate glues offer the same level of temperature resistance.

Standard cyanoacrylate glues typically have a temperature resistance range of -40°F to 180°F (-40°C to 82°C). These glues can handle everyday applications where porcelain is exposed to normal household temperature ranges. But what if your porcelain project requires higher temperature resistance?

For scenarios demanding greater temperature resistance, specialized high-temperature cyanoacrylate glues come to the rescue. These glues are formulated with additives that enhance their thermal stability, allowing them to withstand temperatures up to 300°F (149°C) or even higher. However, keep in mind that while these glues offer increased heat resistance, they may sacrifice a bit of their bonding strength to achieve this feat.

Epoxy Adhesives: The Heat-Resistant Powerhouses

Another excellent option for temperature-resistant bonding of porcelain is epoxy-based adhesives. Epoxy glues consist of two components that must be mixed together before use. Once mixed, they create a bond known for its exceptional strength and durability, even under extreme temperatures.

Compared to cyanoacrylate glues, epoxy adhesives generally offer higher temperature resistance. Depending on the specific formulation, epoxy glues can withstand temperatures ranging from 250°F (121°C) to 600°F (316°C). This makes them ideal for applications where the porcelain will be exposed to intense heat, such as contact with hot liquids or proximity to ovens.

When selecting an epoxy adhesive for bonding porcelain, it’s crucial to choose one specifically designed for high-temperature applications. These epoxy glues are formulated with heat-resistant additives that ensure their performance even in demanding conditions.

Other Factors to Consider

While temperature resistance is a critical factor, it’s essential to consider other factors when choosing the best super glue for porcelain. Factors like curing time, gap-filling ability, and compatibility with porcelain surfaces can impact the success of your project.

For example, if you need a quick bond, cyanoacrylate glues are your go-to option due to their rapid drying time. On the other hand, if you require a transparent bond that leaves no visible marks on your porcelain masterpiece, opt for a transparent super glue.

Recommended Brands for Porcelain Projects

Prepare to be amazed as we unveil the top-notch super glue brands that will ensure your creations stay flawlessly intact. Get ready to dive into a world of adhesives that will revolutionize your porcelain artistry.

First on the podium is the mighty Gorilla Super Glue. This powerhouse brand is renowned for its unrivaled ability to bond porcelain surfaces with incredible strength and speed. But wait, there’s more. Gorilla Super Glue also defies water and extreme temperatures, making it the ultimate choice for porcelain projects that demand durability and resilience.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the crowd favorite – Loctite Super Glue. This brand is the go-to for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike when it comes to adhesive excellence. Loctite offers a splendid array of super glues tailored for various materials, including porcelain. With their exceptional bonding strength and user-friendly application, Loctite’s super glues have earned their rightful place in the hearts of artisans everywhere. And don’t forget about their gel formulas that prevent messy mishaps and allow for precise bonding. Talk about convenience at its finest.

If you’re seeking a touch of uniqueness, look no further than E6000 Craft Adhesive. While not explicitly marketed as a super glue, this gem has become a beloved secret weapon among crafters tackling porcelain projects. Its remarkable combination of strength and flexibility makes it perfect for delicate porcelain pieces that may experience slight movement or stress. Embrace the versatility and let your creativity run wild with E6000 Craft Adhesive.

Joining our lineup of exceptional brands is Bob Smith Industries. Their Insta-Cure+ Super Thin Cyanoacrylate Adhesive takes center stage when it comes to bonding porous surfaces like porcelain. With its lightning-fast curing time and unyielding bond, this adhesive guarantees your porcelain projects remain securely attached, no matter what challenges they may face.

Last but certainly not least, we have the legendary 3M. This brand is synonymous with high-quality adhesives, and their super glue products designed for porcelain are no exception. Among their impressive offerings, the Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive reigns supreme. Recommended by enthusiasts and professionals alike, this adhesive showcases versatility and an unwavering bond strength that will elevate your porcelain projects to new heights of perfection.

Tips for Using Super Glue on Porcelain

Prepare to embark on an epic journey into the world of porcelain bonding with the help of super glue. Like a master sculptor, you have the power to create unbreakable connections between delicate porcelain pieces. But to achieve true mastery, you must uncover the secrets and tips that will elevate your super glue skills. Get ready to unlock the potential of porcelain bonding with these expert tips.

The Sacred Ritual of Prepping: Cleanliness as a Foundation

Before delving into the realm of porcelain bonding, embrace the sacred ritual of prepping. Treat your porcelain with the care it deserves by thoroughly cleaning the surfaces. With a gentle touch, cleanse away dirt, grease, and residue using a mild soap and warm water. As you dry the surface, envision a blank canvas awaiting your artistic touch. This pristine foundation will pave the way for an unyielding bond.

Embrace Minimalism: The Elegant Application of Super Glue

In the art of porcelain bonding, minimalism is key. Harness the essence of elegance by using only a small amount of super glue. As if wielding a delicate brush, apply a tiny droplet to one of the surfaces you wish to unite. Resist the urge to be excessive, for too much glue can mar the beauty of your masterpiece and lead to unsightly seepage.

Dance with Speed: Seizing Opportunities for Perfection

In the realm of porcelain bonding, time is fleeting – act swiftly. As you apply the super glue, engage in a dance with speed and precision. In one fluid motion, press the surfaces together with conviction, as if capturing a fleeting moment in time. Hold them firmly for just a few heartbeats, allowing the bond to ignite and solidify before your eyes. This choreographed symphony ensures that perfection is achieved.

Seeking Stability: The Art of Strategic Support

When the weight of porcelain demands additional fortification, embrace the art of strategic support. Imagine yourself as a master architect, carefully selecting clamps or supports that harmonize with the delicate porcelain surface. Gently cradle the pieces together, providing a sanctuary for their union. This stability ensures that your bond remains unyielding in the face of life’s challenges.

Patience, the Virtuous Ally: Allowing Bonds to Flourish

As you near the completion of your porcelain bonding masterpiece, remember the virtue of patience. Like a gardener tending to a blooming flower, allow your bond to flourish with time. Refrain from subjecting it to stress or pressure for at least 24 hours, granting it the opportunity to reach its full potential. This patient vigilance ensures that your bond stands strong against any test that may come its way.


When it comes to finding the perfect super glue for porcelain, you don’t want to settle for anything less than the best.

Fortunately, there are a few top-notch options that can ensure a strong and durable bond. One such contender is the Gorilla Super Glue.

With its fast-drying formula and incredible strength, it’s a reliable choice for repairing broken porcelain items. Another excellent option is the Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue.

This versatile adhesive not only works wonders on porcelain but also provides precision application with its no-drip gel formula. Lastly, don’t overlook the Bob Smith Industries Super Glue.

So, whether you’re fixing a cherished porcelain figurine or patching up a cracked dish, these super glues have got you covered.