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It might be difficult to identify the correct adhesive for a given material, or to know how to attach a particular item, or to give tips for gluing things.

Have you ever seen a glue tip guide?

It’s fascinating how glue works, and I think many users could benefit from a little education.

All of their wording makes it seem as though this topic already exists – maybe I’m misinterpreting it.

I’m your friendly neighborhood website editor and resident glue expert.

Although the adhesives companies may disagree, superglue will NOT attach plastic together, CA WILL NOT adhere to wood (much of the CA used to home abalone and pearl inlays) and polyurethane WILL NOT adhere to concrete or brick.

I’m thinking this could be a nice resource for beginning and advanced users alike.

This is Robert K. McJunkin’s website, and it offers references to a number of articles about adhesive information.

After 30 years in the glue business and now retired, this is his attempt to pass on some of the knowledge he’s acquired about the science and art of the adhesive applicaiton process.